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Fake News? Should You Believe Whats on Real Estate Websites?

Should You Believe Everything That You Read on Real Estate Websites?

When the time comes to buy or sell a home you will need to be armed with information – you will need to know what the mortgage rates are, which properties will give you the best value, which real estate agents are the best, which areas are best to invest in and so on.

At first glance it may seem like getting this kind of information is easy – it is on lots and lots of websites. Unfortunately, many people who rely on information that they find online about real estate go wrong because they fail to take into account one thing – you cannot believe everything that you read. Consider the following scenarios. For a good example of quality, unbiased real estate market statistics we found you a good example HERE.

The Choice of Real Estate Agent

The choice of Realtor is an important one. You are in the market for a home in a certain neighbourhood, and when you go online you find a Realtor who describes himself as experienced, honest and who promises to get you the deal of your life. Are you sure that you can take his word for it? Are you sure that it is not a sales gimmick that is designed to snare you?

You may even find the Realtor says that the real estate market in this neighborhood is the best – if you are buying he will tell you that you will be able to get something perfect for your budget, and if you are selling you can be sure that the Realtor will tell you that there is no better time to sell. HERE is an example of a Realors profile on Zillow. You forget to take into account the fact that the Realtor is a in business and their main aim is to make money out of every client that they deal with. Are you sure that you can trust them?

Another common scenario is where you come across websites touting low mortgage rates – they will point you to certain lenders and promise you that you will get the most competitive rates – in fact, they will tell you that you will not do any better by going to any other lenders. Here is the question that you have to ask yourself – can you be sure that those sites do not belong to mortgage brokers?

The bottom line is this

When you are buying or selling your first home you need to get the best and most reliable real estate news and information, and you cannot believe every article that you come across. You should be looking for sources that are credible – true, everyone is in it for the money, but you need to find those who are willing to provide you with valuable information that will help you make the right decisions.

In fact, honest Realtors will sometimes tell their clients that the time is not right to buy or sell – they are willing to forgo a commission now so that their clients can get the right deal somewhere down the line. This is the kind of Realtor or mortgage lender that you should be looking for.

As you look online for information about real estate make sure that you choose websites that provide you with unbiased information – it may not be the kind of advice that you want to hear, or it may contrary to everything else that you have read, but if you heed it you will eventually find an excellent deal.