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Why Should I Hire a Discount Real Estate Broker?

When it comes to home sales, buyers and sellers are often on opposite sides of the fence. Each side wants the exact opposite of what the other side wants to happen; buyers want to take the property for a good deal but sellers want their homes to be sold at top dollar. In reality, the only thing that matters is that they both share the same goal of wanting to get a sale. Hiring a discount real estate broker is a great way for both buyers and sellers to obtain that goal. 

You Will Make More Money Using a Discount Real Estate Broker

If you’re thinking about going the for sale by owner (FSBO) route to sell your house, you may want to reconsider. Many people want their homes to be sold for as much as they can, but fear having to pay additional commissions to an agent or broker. However, it has actually been proven that, in many instances, homes sold by an agent are sold at a significantly higher price than FSBOs. If your buyer is represented through an agent, you will likely have to pay a commission anyway even if you are going the FSBO route. 

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Discount Real Estate Brokers Can Help With All of the Paperwork

It’s possible that all the documents in a real-estate deal are way over your head, but it’s crucial that you fully understand any purchase deal you are getting into. Some of the paperwork in the real estate process can be as long as ten pages or more and that doesn’t include any requirements by the state. 

Your agent will know a lot more about all of this paperwork than you do. If you are still interested in saving money, this is what you need to remember: A few mistakes or omissions can result in you paying twice as much for the commission you wanted to avoid.

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They Will Always Have Your Back

A discount real estate broker has their clients’ best interests in mind whether they are buying a home or selling a home. Confidentiality is something that is legally required in the real estate industry. No homebuyer feels comfortable giving their financial information to a FSBO seller who has no obligation to keep your information confidential. The same goes for giving financial information to a seller’s agent who is only legally tied to the sellers and not you as the buyer. If you have your own discount real estate broker by your side, you do not have to worry about these things. If the seller’s agent lied to or misled you or released confidential information, you have the right of recourse. The agent’s professional association such as the National Association of Realtors can be contacted. 

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They Know Everything About the Industry, Even Things You Wouldn’t Think to Worry About

Most buyers have a clear idea of the things they are looking for in a home, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, attached garages, a home office, and more. Knowing what you want in a home may make you feel more comfortable in the homebuying process, but an agent will be on the lookout for issues you might not think of like a roof replacement or mold. An agent can identify the signs and how to best approach these issues which can save you thousands.

If you are a home seller, you usually have an idea on how much you want to sell your house for. But is it reasonable? It’s possible to determine this if you can identify comparable sales which confirm or deny that your price is correct. However, discount real estate brokers can do these comparative market analyses quickly and with no problems. Hiring a broker in your area can give you reliable, accurate, current, and valuable insight into the community’s demographics and the crime rates of the area.

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You Will Really Want to Utilize Their Negotiation Skills

Unless you’ve had specific training, you probably aren’t a negotiation expert. Your agent is responsible for your fiduciary duties and also has a responsibility to negotiate the best price for your property or get you the best deal possible on the property.

Agents have the ability to negotiate well through the experience they have gained in their industry. They are familiar with what works and what doesn’t. Many have developed their own tried-and-true methods. They don’t have an emotional stake in the outcome which means their mind won’t be clouded. If you have a discount real estate broker to stop you from making unnecessary financial decisions, it’s more money saved.

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It is important to know when you are in need of help so that you can find the right person. Research local discount real estate brokers and contact one today to get through the homebuying or home selling process with no issues!