Real Estate investment refers to purchasing real estate either from a private owner, the government or a creditor. Real Estate Investment Trust is a type of Real Estate Investment Trust where the trustees act as co-owners of the trust property. Real Estate Investment Trust is now one of the most popular ways of investing in Real Estate today. It is relatively simple and you can invest as little as $100 to purchase a Real Estate property.


There are many types of investments one can make in real estate today. Residential Real Estate investment includes properties for residential use like apartment buildings, commercial buildings, condominiums and town homes. Commercial Real Estate is mostly bought to convert into residential properties, to make an income from renting or to develop into a business. Industrial Real Estate deals with the buying and selling of property for Industrial Purposes like warehouses, factories and storage facilities; to provide space for manufacturing or for the gathering of raw materials.

Commercial Real Estate

One can also go for Commercial Real Estate for sale with Commercial Buyers. The usual types of properties used by Buyers in Commercial Real Estate are offices, warehouses, shopping malls and hotels. These properties are usually used by the buyers as their primary residences. They do not intend to let these properties idle and rent them out, but they ensure that the property is in good condition and is ready for use by their customers. Some examples include single-family homes, town homes, condominiums and apartments.

The terms Real Estate or Real Property refers to land or real property that has been bought and developed to serve as the basic structure of a community. It does not refer to the structures that have been made on the land. In most cases, the term refers to man-made constructions like houses, hospitals, schools, roads etc. Some examples of man-made structures include apartment buildings, condominiums, town houses, office complexes, industrial estates and buildings meant for business.

Real Estate Agents

In Real Estate the word includes the Real Estate agents who deal with the buyers of the properties and are the people who help them locate their choice homes on the vacant land. The real estate agents are brokers and they deal with the potential buyers and find a buyer for the vacant land. The Real Estate agents usually take care of the legal aspects of buying and selling lands. They help the prospective buyers to buy the land and help them close the deal with the concerned government agency. The Real Estate agents also assist the sellers in locating the buyers for their houses or other properties.

The term Real Estate pertains to both the actual land and the rights to the land. It refers to man-made constructions as well as the land itself. The Real Estate agents make the arrangements for the buying and selling of the Real Estate properties.